Message This Song

With the Message This Song shortcut, you can easily share your favorite songs with your friends and family. Whether you’re at a party and want to send a song to a friend, or you’re in a long-distance relationship and want to share a special song with your loved one, this shortcut makes it easy.

So, let’s get started and share the music!

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How To Install & Message This Song Shortcut:

To install and use the shortcut, you will need an iPhone or iPad with the latest version of iOS or iPadOS and the Shortcuts app installed. Once you have those, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Tap on the “Install Shortcut” button above to install the shortcut.
  • Step 2: Now, tap the Shortcut that you just installed.
  • Step 3: It will start the Shazam and identify the song which is playing in the background.
  • Step 4: Once activated, the shortcut will guide you to the iMessage app and give you the option to select the recipient to whom you wish to send the song.
  • Step 5: Once selected, tap on send to send the song to your favorite person.
  • Step 9: Done!

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