Ask ChatGPT

By using this shortcut, you can easily ask questions to the OpenAI completions API and save the questions and answers in the Notes app. The completions API works by expanding a given text with the most likely words, so if you provide a question, it will complete it with an answer. Additionally, the shortcut saves the tokens used and the time required for the query in the note.

To use the shortcut, make sure your OpenAI API key is stored in a note titled “OpenAI API Key”. If this note is not found, the shortcut will prompt you to create it. In the event of an API error, the shortcut will display the error message instead of the answer, which is helpful in troubleshooting as other shortcuts may not account for this.

How To Install & Use Ask ChatGPT Shortcut IOS On Your IOS Device

To use the Ask ChatGPT Siri Shortcut, you’ll need to have an iOS device with Siri enabled, as well as the Shortcuts app. If you don’t already have the app, you can download it from the App Store. Once you have the app, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Install Shortcut” Button above.
  2. Once the shortcut is installed, you can access it from the Shortcuts app or add it to your home screen for easy access.
  3. To use the Ask ChatGPT shortcut, open the shortcut from the Shortcuts app or from your home screen.
  4. Type your question or message to ChatGPT.
  5. Tap the “Run” button to send your message to ChatGPT.
  6. ChatGPT will respond to your question or message with an answer.
  7. That’s it! You can now use the Ask ChatGPT shortcut to quickly and easily chat with ChatGPT on your iOS device.

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